Leadership in The Time of Social Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know social media is everywhere. Social media has overhauled how communication works. It’s no secret that social media is being used to the advantage of businesses. Leaders should not fall behind in this regard. After all, communication is the key to pretty darn good leadership.

Leaders make use of social media as a tool in their arsenal. They make use of this to build stronger and trustworthy relationships with their followers. A lot of young leaders use social media pretty well. However, do leader skills translate as well? Today, we discuss some tips for new leaders.

Leadership Tip: Find a Channel That Works For You

One of the best things about social media is there’s a lot of options. Leaders need to find a social media path they’re effective with. Choosing a channel that works for your brand is important.

If the goal is to reach a young audience, Snapchat is the place to go. 45% of their users are under the age of 24. If the brand requires immediate or ‘live’ posts, going on Facebook is best. Facebook now has the “Live Video” feature which can instantly connect your brand to its audience.

In the same vein, leaders need to consider the type of content they’re posting. The avenue they choose needs to fit the content well.

For example, Bill Gates uses LinkedIn to post his articles. Angela Merkel reaches her audiences through Instagram. Justin Trudeau made use of Snapchat Live Story Q&A. These leaders thought about which social media platform gives them the exposure that works for their content.

Leadership Tip: Be Inventive

The goal of social media is to be seen or heard. In order to attain that, your content needs to be inventive. Leaders need to come up with creative ideas that fit with the social media platform they’re using.

For example, artists who want to show their skills do a speed video of a project. Events companies use the same thing to showcase the before and after of setting up. If your brand has products, generating posts to announce them is a good call.

Leadership Tip: Keep An Eye On Other Leaders

When you use social media, leaders need to keep track of what other leaders are doing. It’s important to note the sort of interactions they have. See what kind of audiences they reach and how.

One of the things leaders need to do is to learn from other leaders. Identify what good leaders do and mold it to fit their own style.

Leadership Tip: Cultivate Interactions

Your brand needs feedback in order to grow and evolve. Here are some tips to generate more interaction:

-Show gratitude
-Listen to your audience
-Handle queries professionally and efficiently
-Solving problems gracefully
-Post thought-provoking content

Through these, you can expect more traffic for your brand. It is important to be careful with your words on social media. Tone does not translate well so choosing your words carefully helps avoid issues.

Leadership Tip: Avoid Controversy

When on a public platform, you will be under scrutiny 24/7. A wrong step or word can and will spread like wildfire.

Never forget that what’s online will stay online even if you delete it. A lot of users have taken the habit of screen capturing controversial posts. Always think and re-think a post before sharing it.