Quotes To Think About When You’re A Leader

When you’re a leader, it’s not often easy. You’re responsible for many other people. You need to adhere to strict schedules. You need to make hard decisions. When plans falter, people depend on you to pull through. Yes, it is most definitely not easy being a leader. So when someone is currently holding the mantle of leadership, it’s not bad to get help. So today, we look at some quotes that leaders need to keep in mind.

Quotes to think about:

“Always do the right thing, every single day, for yourself AND your clients.”

When you’re a leader, you’re often needed to make hard calls. So at times, when the stress gets too much, it is often very tempting to bend the rules or extend an urgent deadline. When you do this, you’re not the only one who suffers. A good leader will always do the right thing even when it’s hard. That’s is one of the characteristics of an excellent leader.

“Align your passion with your purpose.”

It’s easy to fall into the pitfall of “I’m doing this because I have to not because I want to.” There has always been the popular misconception that passion and purpose do not align. And if it does, it’s only for a lucky few. What a lot of people and leaders don’t realize that passion is something you decide upon. If you fan the small spark of passion that you carry for your job and align it with your purpose. If you feel that your purpose in life is not aligned with your passion, do something about it.

“Learn to embrace your discomfort and you’ll forge on further.”

Leaders interact with a plethora of other people and instances. It is inevitable that there will be events or people that can bring about discomfort. Or it could be entirely possible that the leader themselves have initial issues or anxiety.

As a leader, this cannot do. When you’re a leader, you need to learn to embrace what makes you uncomfortable. If you’re afraid of public speaking, practice. If you’re unsure if you’re being perceived well, actively seek feedback. When you embrace your discomfort, you will triumph with confidence. A confident leader can accomplish so much more than a leader who has timidity in their system because of initial discomforts.