Dads Rock! Leadership Skills You Can Learn From Fathers

Good leadership skills often take years to build. Mostly, people have someone they emulate when it comes to picking up leadership skills. More often than not, dads are where people start looking.

Today, we’ll be talking about the various leadership skills that people can learn from their dads.

Dads never stop learning

Fathers, in general, constantly learn new things. You don’t really think the skills they have about fixing things or maintaining cars just popped out of nowhere, do you? As the head of any family unit, fathers often take it upon themselves to pick up knowledge to help them take care of their family better.

When the ear of computers started, a lot of fathers out there had to tackle something quite unprecedented and succeeded. Personally, it was my father that taught me everything I needed to know about computers. He shared his own stories of the times when he had to learn new things to truly look out for us.

Leaders, in order to be effective, need to constantly learn new things. This helps them guide their team through new issues as they may come.

Dads are great economizers

Fathers are often the source of livelihood of a home. As such, they have a pretty solid idea of how hard it is to earn money and how it should be spent. If certain expenditures exceed their income, they somehow make do with what they have. Fathers are able to accurately spot the value of things. They avoid the tragedy of overpaying. They avoid waste when they can.

This is an attribute that good leaders should aim to have. It’s always completely possible that leaders will be handed a project wherein funds are scarce. Good leaders should then be able to plot out the most economic way to get the job done.

Dads rarely give up

Having to balance a romantic relationship, children, work, and other familial obligations can be crushingly hard.¬†Upon starting a family, fathers are presented challenge after challenge. If you had a good upbringing, it’s a safe bet that behind the scenes, it was anything but rosy. However, as much as possible, fathers try to look as if they’re not struggling. Instead of giving up despite all the adversity, fathers persevere.

This is something that leaders can learn from. Not all assignments will be easy. Instead of folding, it’s important to persevere. Think of a duck serenely floating upon a lake’s surface. What a lot of people don’t realize is that while that may seem effortless, the duck’s legs are paddling like crazy beneath the surface.


Dads give a sense of security

It doesn’t bode well for a family to have the head as the source of uncertainty. Chances are, that’s the recipe for a dysfunctional family. For a strong family, a steady father is crucial. Despite the hard times, if a father seems certain and secure, the rest of the family will too.

This ties in quite well with the point above. Good leaders need to be stronger than their members. They need to appear unperturbed by sudden events and to stay the course. Doing so keeps the other members of the team calm and able to perform their jobs.