influence and power

Leadership involves influence, intention, followers, shared purpose, change, and personal responsibility and integrity.  The easiest thing for most people is definitely personal responsibility and integrity.  I believe in taking responsibility for all of my actions no matter what effect they have on others.  That is the way I was brought up, and because of that, I have no problem admitting that I have made a mistake.   It is challenging nonetheless to exert influence.  If a person is given a position of power, others must obey.  They don’t have much of a choice because not doing so can mean termination.  People do not have to follow a leader, but they choose to because the leader has influence over them.  It could be the way the leader speaks or acts, the belief the leader emanates, etc.  Some people are more easily influenced than others.  The amount of influence we have depends partly on the personality of the individuals that we are attempting to influence.  It’s hard to influence people who have a dominant personality, while it’s much easier to influence the go-with-the-flow type individual.