Mothers Rule: Leadership Skills You Can Learn From Mom

Good leaders aren’t born–they’re made. Who makes them? Mothers, of course. It is often the case when it comes to handling positions of leadership, people usually look for role models. We can look to established political leaders or even those that lead our religious congregations. However, if you want to tap into leadership that you’ve experienced hands on, there’s no other place to look to but home.

Mothers are the queens of the household. Even in chess, the Queen is able to do more than the king. So it’s a fairly good bet that anyone would be able to pick up solid leadership skills from their matriarch. Today, we list a few:

Mothers listen intently

In order to grasp the whole situation, good leaders need to listen well. Leaders will need to take in various accounts from different people. Then, they’ll need to be sift through the information and make a decision. It can be intimidating but you can probably remember how your mother did it. Remember times when she had to sit through fights between siblings. She had to take in often contrary accounts and discern which is truth.

She also had to come up with a decision on what to do afterwards. A mother would not be able to do that if she did not listen intently at the start. Being listened to also helps diffuse frustration in any person. When your team members feel that they are being heard, they are less inclined to falsify accounts. This is good for overall team synergy.

Mothers make sacrifices

Despite what old Stepford type movies would have you believe, life does not end when motherhood starts. When a woman becomes a mother, this does not mean that her own wishes and ambitions disappear. However, when a woman becomes a mother she makes the active decision to sacrifice her own needs and place the needs of her family first.

It doesn’t just stop there. In a mother’s daily life, little sacrifices are to be had. After putting the baby to bed, does she nap or will she take the chance to catch up on chores? When ordering her favorite pizza, will she get the last slice or will she allow her child to get it? It’s in the little things that people often overlook.

Leaders often need to make tough decisions. Sometimes, these decisions require the leader sacrificing their time or a made plan. It could be something as simple as not being able to go for a coffee break because a member needs a bit more support. When a leader shows their members that they are willing to take sacrifices for the betterment of all, this ultimately inspires and empowers them.

Mothers are meticulous

When you started going to school, there was a pretty big chance that your mother knew your schedule better than you did. A mother often has to have an iron grip on everyone’s schedules: dad’s office hours or business trips, PTA meetings, dentist schedules, etc. It wasn’t just limited to that as well. Mothers often have a strong mental list on the current state of the pantry and other household items.

This constant mental exercise helps them stay on top of things and keep incidents to a minimum. This is a skill that leaders can really benefit from. Keeping a strong mental grasp of the state of things, schedules, and events–leaders can be generally on top of things. The less area for surprises, the better a team performs.

These are just some of the few leadership skills that mothers display. So the next time you seem stuck and not quite sure how to address a situation, take a page out of your mom’s playbook. You may be pleasantly surprised that the answer what there all along.