Steps To Becoming A Great and Dependable Leader

As a leader of 2 people or 2000 people, there is one thing that remains constant; all eyes are always on you. And as a person leading others, it goes without saying that you want to be a good and dependable leader – a person that others can look up to and follow.

Leadership is an ambition that comes in many forms. For some, their vision is to impact the companies they work for or run, while for others, it is making a global change.

Whatever your drive is, it is worth noting that there are some particular skills that, if applied, could help you become the kind of leader you want to become and know you can become. Here is a look at four crucial things you need to consider as you work on your leadership skills.

Own Your Actions

As a leader, it is essential to accept the fact that every word, action, and gesture you make is translated by those you lead to a meaningful message. Many leaders don’t believe this truth. Matter of fact, most leaders, confuse who they think they are with how people perceive them. The way you see yourself and how others see you can sometimes be two entirely different things. It is, therefore, vital every word, gesture and action you make when leading others is one that pushes others to become better. And should anything go wrong, be a person that owns up to your mistakes – though it is vital that you do your best to be almost perfect in everything you do.

Evaluate Yourself

One of the best self-awareness tools any good should possess is evaluation – a 360 evaluation. The idea, originating from the 50’s, requires that you ask people who work for or with you to anonymously answer several questions about your efficacy, behavior, skills, ability to lead and communicate. The great thing about this evaluation is that you get intelligible feedback about how people see and think of you. Though the results can be somewhat mind-bending, the feedback is a great way to see areas of your life and leadership that could use some improvement. This approach will often require an unassuming nature.

Get A Mentor

Evaluating yourself is just the beginning of this journey. Interpreting your results and then doing something about them is where things get tough. It is here that coaching will be required. Though you may have innate leadership skills, it is still vital that you find someone who will, on a regular basis, help you maintain your objectivity. A mentor isn’t a motivator – his or her role is not to give you pep talks or to pump you up. He or she should be someone who gives you critical and honest feedback and helps you find your path to growth. When looking for one, look for someone who pushes you to be better and preferably, someone who is a leader in his or her own right.

Improve Yourself

As a leader, it is vital that you are always ahead of the pack. It is not a good look when a follower is more knowledgeable than you, way better than you at solving problems and motivates others better than you. In leadership keeping up is not enough, especially when it comes to leadership in business, which can be quite competitive. It is important that you are ahead of the curve and growth, responding to change, and learning is critical. Cultivate a desire/passion for learning for yourself and your team. Be well-informed on different subject matters to attain greater insight.

A good leader should not set out just to be a leader but to be someone who makes a difference. It is never about the title, position, or role; it is about making a lasting impact.