Tips for Motivating Employees

Tips for Motivating Employees

A motivated employee will have an inherent enthusiasm in the workplace. People tend to have some sense of motivation about something in their life and work. Employers should have several tips for motivating employees to help fulfill their staff’s needs and expectations at the workplace. Here are a few tips that business should consider using.

  • Understand That Motivation Is A Process

More often than not, managers are task oriented quickly jumping to the next task after one is completed.  Those tasked with the various duties are subject to change with new employees coming in yet the management often going unscathed. The measures put in place to motive one group of employees will need to be reevaluated and changed to suit the new group of employees.  As such, any employee motivation processes in place need constant updates and consistent adaptation by the management.

  • Take A Look At Yourself

As a manager, you should understand that employee motivation starts with you. Traits such as enthusiasm, focus, honesty, and resilience are contagious and can be passed on to the employees. If the manager has and exudes such traits then he or she becomes an inspiration for the subordinate, a role model to emulate.

  • Get To Know Your Employees

While good working conditions and a nice salary are considered as employee motivators, they tend to fall short of expectations. Statistics show that most employees are inclines to perform better when given favorable working terms (that include a show or care and concern of their welfare by the management). This starts with learning several things about the staff, from a personal level, without having to ask; things such as their children’s names, their favorite food, or their hobbies. The manager can then use this information to connect with the staff.

  • Work From Individual Moving Up To Team Work

Businesses often view employee motivation from a “team” perspective forgetting that it is the employees that individually form the team. Therefore, motivation should start at an individual level as opposed to focusing on a team and it starts by learning what makes each employee tick while focusing on how to make each understand the benefits of working as an individual but as a part of a uniform team.

  • Build Trust In Them

While the management is in place to direct employees on what to do, how, and when, it also is important to build some level of trust in them. A vote of confidence is a show of faith that they can be trusted to deliver excellence with minimal guidance and supervision. If they are shown the bigger picture and taught how to take a leadership position in executing their duties, the employee will be more efficient in the workplace.

  • Radiate Positivity In The Workplace

A workplace with energy (zeal to work) flowing through the office always has a high output. Such energy should start from the top flowing down to the subordinates. As a manager, you should have an enthusiastic demeanor towards work and find a way to build the same in your employees.

As you exercise the above tips for motivation employees, keep in mind that too much work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, so find ways to incorporate some bit of fun in the work place. Joke around with your employees, find time to play games, or even play some music in the work place.