Top 5 Coaches in Sports

Top 5 Coaches in Sports

We have a guest post this week from Prakash, located in India.  Have a read:

Sports are very important in life. We have grown up while playing the sports, and some kids choose sports their career while others move towards some other professions. The professionals, as well as the non-professional people both, enjoy the sports. They are connected to it. People have chosen their favorite games that they follow constantly.

The professionals who have chosen sports as their careers need coaches in their life. The coaching is very important. Whatever the field is, the people require coaches to learn and increase their expertise. When a person learns through a mentor or a particular coach, his chances of gaining the abilities increase because he has been trained by a particular person who is an expert in the field and has served his whole life watching, playing and observing the game.

There are different coaches around the world; some played to become the coach, and some were famous players who were taken as the coaches later. The coaches have a huge responsibility to fulfill. They have to build career other than just training a person. The focus and the goals of the coaches are bigger that is why they can create stars out of their teams. There are various famous coaches in the world that have served their countries and the sports teams as well as the players while training them for better.

Scotty Bowman

The most inspirational coaches of all the times include the name of Scotty Bowman. He was a man of actions. He coached various players and helped them to get the best of best from life. He was a National Hockey League’s all-time coaching leader. He has been nominated for various awards for his services, and he won two of the Jack Adam’s Award as the League’s Best Coach. He is known for his performances. Not even a single coach of today’s time can be compared to him because he had put his all effort in his work. He has earned the name because he had about 1467 games that were successful and the results were winning. The coach of all times had 1244 wins in the regular seasons. He was the person who achieved about 13 Stanley Cup wins regarding four teams. He held a record of NHL that he had coached in 2141 contests in his lifetime. He was a man of actions who made the things work.

Pat Summitt

Pat Summit has been the world’s best women coach. She has been associated with the Tennessee’s women basketball team for about 38 years. It is a very long time in which she remained competent and aggressive towards the game. She has gathered about 1099 career victories in her life. She had eight national level champion wins that made her famous across the globe. Her team was never on a losing streak in a season while the winning and losing is the part of the game. She has been considered the second only to the John Wooden. When the world was looking forward to the games, this lady has been continuously marking the positions that she won.

Paul Bryant

Paul Bryant is nicknamed as Bear, and he was usually found to be wearing the houndstooth hat. He has been the coach of the college football for about 38 years. He had a ratio of about 323 wins in all the games while only 85 losses. He has a record of about 37 overall winning seasons, 29 post season bowl games, 14 conference championships and about five associated press nation championships. He died just after 28 days when he coached his last game.

Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi, whose name has been used to pronounce the super bowl trophy as The Vince Lombardi Trophy, was a man of success. He has about 96 wins in the games while just 34 losses. His ten year tenure of coaching the football, he never had a losing season. He coached the Green Bay Packers to their first 2 Super Bowls in the years of 1966and 1967. He has a record of 5 NFL championship wins from 1961-1967. His last act of coaching made the LED Washington team to win their first game in the 13 years.

John Wooden

John Wooden used to be the coach of college basketball at UCLA. He is considered to be the top among all the famous and successful coaches in the world. His career overview gives us the record of about 885 wins in his career in contrast to 203 losses ever. He has been famous for making the UCLA win t88 games consecutively from 1971-1974. He had four teams that had a flawless 30-0 record. Since he got retirement in the year 1975, he was the only person who has such successful career while others do not have a record of more than four winnings. He has been able to make his team win about 10 National Championships in 12 seasons that were from the year 1964 to 1975.